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What makes US different?
  1. EVERY 4TH DAY! This means excluding Bank Holidays, Vehicle Breakdown, Weather or Sickness of a cleaner, you will see us every 4th/8th Monday, Tuesday etc, whenever your regular cleaning day is.
  2. A TEXT THE DAY BEFORE so that you know to expect us. 
  3. UPDATES via text or email if weather, vehicle breakdown or sickness of a cleaner delays us.
  4. 5 DIFFERENT PAYMENT METHODS to suit your lifestyle.
  5. NO HUGE DEBT For the first 6 months if a payment is still owing for previous a clean when your next clean is due, our 1 Wash Policy is activated and we don't clean. You have until the Friday before your next clean is due to make payment. Depending on your cleaning day, 3 weeks after the clean to make payment. After the 7th clean this is relaxed to 2 cleans - a Wash Policy, we expect payment for both within a week of the 2nd clean so you have a total of 5 weeks to make payment in this scenario. So no mounting debt. 
  6. 4 OR 8 weekly cleans for Residential and up to weekly for Commercial properties.
  7. NO DOUBLE CHARGE - if we only clean the front, we charge you for the front, if we clean the whole property, we charge for the whole property.
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